How To Support Jim Womack

Talk To Fellow Republicans

Interact with fellow Republicans and encourage them to watch Jim’s videos, read his position articles and vote for Jim at Convention.  Everything they need to know about Jim can be found on his website and social media.

Connect On Facebook

Connect with Jim’s campaign on Facebook. Check his feed daily and make sure to like AND share all of the posts that come from his page. Interact with fellow conservatives online. Have conversations about Jim and what he can do for the party.

Vote For Jim At Convention

The very best thing you can do is show up to convention in June and VOTE for Jim Womack. If you went to your precinct and county conventions and your county had enough seats to make you a delegate, you are eligible to show up and vote. You can REGISTER HERE.

Need help getting a ride to convention or can’t afford the fees?  Reach out to Jim’s campaign and he can connect you with donors that can help you.


All campaigns cost money. If you believe in what Jim is doing and are in a position to donate to his campaign, we’d be honored and grateful for whatever you can give.  We will not disclose the names of donors to Jim Womack for NCGOP Chairman, but we will disclose how much money was donated and how that money was spent.


You can donate through PayPal using this campaign ID:


You can also donate via check by mail.  Please make a check payable to Jim4NCGOP and mail it to:

Blaine Sutton
2002 N. Shoreline Drive
Sanford, NC 27330